Recently you must have stumbled upon this word on the internet or in Salesforce community – Dynamic Forms.

Let’s try and understand what it is and how it will impact your Salesforce experience.

What are Dynamic Forms?

Dynamic Forms is the upcoming new feature in Salesforce which will give the admins the ability to set and dynamically display fields on a lightning page. Previously the page layout feature was used to display the fields on the record layout which allows you to rearrange the fields only in the certain area of the record page. But with dynamic form each field (or section) becomes an independent component that can be placed where you want it on a Lightning page, allowing you to group information exactly as you need it.

The idea of the dynamic forms in the Salesforce ideas community is one of the most requested Salesforce features of all time with over 98,000 points. The original idea for this feature was posted over 14 years ago.

Salesforce dynamic forms

When will it be available?

It is expected to be delivered in the Winter 2021 Salesforce release.

Why all the Excitement over dynamic forms?

Firstly the restrictions of the page layout will no longer be a problem for the admins once dynamic forms are released. Also with the Combine feature of component visibility rules in the lightning page will allow the admins to only display the field or section when needed.

This means that you No longer will be needing the classic Page Layouts. Every field arrangement changes can be then done in the Lightning App Builder!

With Dynamic Forms, you can migrate the fields and sections from your page layout as individual components into the Lightning App Builder and give the users of that page only the fields and sections that they need.

Benefits of Dynamic forms :

  • Place fields and sections wherever you want in the whole Salesforce record page.
  • Visibility rules to show and hide fields and sections.
  • Manage the fields and sections on your pages in the Lightning App Builder without the page layout editor. 
  • Reduce the number of page layouts you need with component visibility rules.
  • Take advantage of a single assignment model for the Lightning page instead of the dual model of assigning a Lightning page and a page layout.
Dynamic forms field

How Does It Work?

Dynamic Forms will work only on custom object record pages in the start but Salesforce will support standard objects in the future release.

You will see a new Fields tab in the left-hand components pane which contains the fields associated with your custom object.

Dynamic forms salesforce

Since Dynamic forms are flexible you can rearrange, organize, place sections in tabs.

For existing record pages open your page in the Lightning App Builder, click the Record Detail component, and you see a new area at the top of the Record Detail properties pane. 

Click Upgrade Now to start the Dynamic Forms migration wizard.

Dynamic forms salesforce

Impact on Mobile view?

If you migrate an existing page to Dynamic Forms, then salesforce adds the Record Detail – Mobile component to the page for you. If you’re working on a new record page that supports both desktop and phone, you’ll need to add the Record Detail – Mobile component to the page yourself.


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